My husband Travis and I have been
​unschooling our children since Cody was 7 years old.
​He is now 28 and has a 19 year old sister, ​whose name is Danie.

I love everything about unschooling and homeschooling.
​There are so many options available to us that we are free
​to teach our children the way they learn best.

About sixteen years ago I started organizing ​field trips for families ​because I wanted to take my ​own kids to different events and doing this with a
​group of other families was so much more fun.
​I soon realized this was a big need for families who school at home.

One very important part of schooling at home ​is being around others who do the same,
​for encouragement and friendship.
​To go on field trips or to classes with other families
​​is a great way to form life long relationships.
​Being with other families who share the same love of teaching
​their children makes our journey all the better!

My hope is to bring families together for a ​stronger, happier, "school" life!
2021 School at Home Adventures