What is scheduled with Audubon
2019 School at Home Adventures
You are not obligated until 2 months prior to this event.
​So if you are interested,
​please ​sign up with no worries of paying too much $.
Sanctuary Tour ​along with the
​Befriend a Bird of Prey Program

Thursday, April 18th
10:00am to 1:30pm

​​​​​​​Explore their 150-acre sanctuary as you hike along​
​with an experienced ​Audubon Naturalist.
​Discover the many ​animals living in and around the ​protected
​Balch Creek watershed and their sanctuary's pond,
​then walk ​into a stand ​of old-growth forest.
​Participants will visit the ​Wildlife Care Center (their hospital for injured wildlife),
​handle bird nests ​and animal skins,
​and see forest birds up close at their window feeders.


​​Included is the Befriend a Bird of Prey program.
​Get up close and personal with a bird of prey from their Wildlife Care Center.
​Students will learn about the unique adaptations that make
​Birds of Prey awesome predators.
​Handle skulls, talons, owl wings and
​discover raptor species living in the Portland area.
​Then meet a real live Bird of Prey from Audubon and
hear how they came to live at the Wildlife Care Center.​

* Minimum 20 children, maximum 40.
* Ages 5 and older only​​​​​
* Program length is 3.5 hours​, with a 30 minute lunch

​​​​$8.00 per child for the Sanctuary Tour and $75.00 is split among ​the children for the program.
Depending on how many families sign up, the minimum you will pay per child for both the tour and program is $9.88 ​and the maximum will be $11.75 per child,
​plus $1.00 extra per child for members of School at Home Adventures and
​$2.50 per child for non-members.​
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