2020 School at Home Adventures
Portland Audubon offers many opportunities for families
​to be one ​with nature ​through their school programs,
while maintaining safety with social distancing​.
Nature’s Classroom
Experience the majesty of an old-growth forest only minutes from downtown Portland!
​Explore the incredible 172-acre Wildlife Sanctuary
​as you hike along with an experienced ​Portland Audubon Naturalist.
​Discover the many animals living in and around the protected
​Balch Creek watershed and the sanctuary’s pond,
​then walk into a stand of old-growth forest.
​Your senses will be filled with the smell of the forest,
​the sounds of birds calling and mammals scurrying about the forest floor and trees.
You’ll see wildlife and their signs, engage in hands-on activities and
​explore everything that the forest has to offer. 

* Minimum 10 children
* Only one adult per family
* ​Ages 6 and older only. No younger siblings
* 2 hour program​

Only water permitted, no food please!
No bathroom facilities!​​​

$17.00 per child, adults are free.

Conservation Field Day: Floods, Fish, and Formations
A skilled Portland Audubon Naturalist ​will meet the group for a 3-4 hour program
​leading a field day experience in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge!
This field trip will take you to the Columbia Gorge to learn the
​fascinating story behind how the Gorge was formed.
​Hike up Beacon Rock, an extinct volcano to hear about
​tales of lava and gigantic ice age floods.
​Then travel to the Oregon side of the river to have lunch and
​learn about the natural history of salmon and
​what adaptations make these fish so unique.
​Visit Bonneville Fish Hatchery
​where we will discuss some of the
​challenges salmon face along with what
​we can do to help protect them,
​making sure to save time to say hi to the massive
​Herman the Sturgeon.
* Minimum 10 children
* Only one adult per family
* ​Ages 7 and older only. No younger siblings
* 3-4 hours after meeting in the Gorge

​$27.00 per child, adults are free.
Daughter drinking waterfall
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​for information.
This is scheduled for
​Monday, March from 11:00am to 1:00pm

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Remember ages 6 and older only​​​!
This is scheduled for
​Friday, April 

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Remember ages 7 and older only​​​!
Digital School Programs
All of the Audubon's digital school programs are nature-based ​and student-centered,
​allowing every student to become active in the learning process.

* 45 minute digital program​​
* $75.00
*​ Geared towards grades​
Science Inquiry Hour for grades K-6th.

​​There are five scheduled...
January ~ Birds of Prey
​Birds of prey have unique adaptations that make them awesome predators.
​Students will interact with skulls, talons, and wings to discover how different
​characteristics help raptors survive in their environment.

February ~ ​Beautiful Birds
​Participants will discover the fascinating world of birds as they study avian bones,
​wings, feet, feathers, nests, eggs and more!
​Students will learn about the diversity of birds of the Pacific Northwest,
​their unique adaptations and characteristics, and how to identify many
​of the species they see around their home.
March ~ Owls of the Northwest
​This program gives participants the chance to learn how to identify
​different species of owls found in the Pacific Northwest.
​Owl specimens and fantastic photos help to bring these elusive,
​often nocturnal avian predators right into your home.

April ~ ​Habitats of the Pacific Northwest
​Students will travel the vast Pacific Northwest without ever leaving their home!
​They will get acquainted with our region’s diverse range of habitats,
​and learn how to identify alpine ecosystems, meadows,
​grasslands, wetlands, and deserts.
​Participants will also learn the amazing skill of being able to place
​a given species in its proper habitat based on its unique and shared characteristics.
​We’ll show lots of specimens, ranging from bear and raccoon skulls to cougar
​and skunk study skins will help students learn about the numerous mammals that live here!

May ~ ​Bats!
​Bats are incredibly important, but commonly misunderstood,
​and this program helps separate fact from fiction.
​Learn about the variety of bats from around the world before
​taking a deep dive into the bats that live here in the Pacific Northwest.
​Through the use of photographs, specimens, props and story,
​find out what makes these flying wonders so special,
​what adaptations help them survive and the role they play in insect control and pollination.

Science Tales is for Pre-K and Kindergarten.
Storytime comes to life in this exciting early childhood environmental education exploration program! Kids will hear stories of the earth, animals, how to be a kid exploring the natural world around them, and much more! Students will engage in activities that connect to the themes of the short book read during the session.

There are four scheduled...​​
January ~ The book read is Owl Moon by Jane Yolen
February ~ The book read is Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner
March ~ The book read is Kaia and the Bees by Maribeth Boelts
April ~ The book read is Ruby’s Birds by Mya Thompson
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