Admission ​​​includes a pumpkin that the children, who can walk, ​need to be able to carry themselves.
* ​A​​ minimum of 15 children are needed for the group discount.
* ​​​BiZi Farms is located in Brush Prairie, WA.​​

​​Ages 7 months-18 pay $5.00 per person. 
​Adults and children ages 6 months and younger are free.
Adults may get one pumpkin for $5.00.​

If you are not a member of my group, you will need to pay an additional $2.50 per child.
 2020 School at Home Adventures
​​Visiting the pumpkin patch starts with ​going through the hay maze (not corn maze),
​seeing and feeding the farm animals, then climbing on the haystack pyramid.
You will then climb in a hay wagon and go find your pumpkins.​​
Click here if you would like to be contacted
​when this is scheduled in October
or if you would like to become the contact person.

​As the contact person for this field trip...
* ​You ​will decide on a date that works for both of you.
* You can decide on a name for the group if you'd like.
​Sometimes kids like to make up their own.
​* ​You will ​be the contact person for the families going​,
​giving them your cell phone number.

If you are interested, sign up and I will contact you.
​You are not obligated until you agree to do it.