Civil War Living History​
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Civil War Living History School Day

Canceled until next year!

School Day is a presentation just for students and their families.
​On Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th
​the 200 acre meadow is open for the general public and admission is $8.00.

At House On Metolius Meadow in Camp Sherman, Oregon.

Come see over 200 Civil War Re-enactors, military and civilian.

This event shows students the life and times of the 1860s like nothing else.
​Everyone is invited to roam around the meadow,
​​ask questions of the various civilians and military folks,
​watch how they do things as they did in the 1860s
​and in some cases get “hands on" trial.

Things to see:
* Blacksmith
* Medical Treatments
* Cooking
* Engineering (pontoon bridge)
* War Correspondent
*​ Sutlers (store)
* Bayonets
* Infantry Drill
* Artillery (cannons)
*​ Cavalry (horses)
*​ Camp Tents
*​ Dentist
*​ Music

Ages 5-18, $2.00 per person. ​​Adults and children ages 0-4 free.

Click here if you would like to be contacted for the 2021 date.
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