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2019 School at Home Adventures
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Audubon Society of Portland

​The Audubon Society of Portland has a lot to offer school groups and families.

For their School Programs they offer Sanctuary Tours,
Traveling Programs, Overnight Programs and Full Day Field Trips.
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I have a combination Sanctuary Tour and Traveling Program scheduled now. The Traveling Program is Birds of Prey.
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They also have Marmot Cabin Outdoor School, click here to read more about it.

Each program has a minimum age and group size...
* Sanctuary Tours And Traveling Programs ~ Children must be at least age 5 to participate and
there is a minimum of 10 children to set this up. Adults are free.
* Full Day Field Trips ~ Children must be at least age 7 to participate.
The cost of $250.00 people is split up to 30 people. 31 or more people pay $6.00 each. Both children and adults pay.
* Overnight Programs and the Marmot Cabin Outdoor School ~ Children must be at least age 8 to participate. Minimum is 12 children. This is a program for kids, so they only allow one chaperon per 10 kids.

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