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Village Home Education Resource Center

ACE (Autodidact Community Enthusiasts) ~ A group of relaxed ​homeschoolers and unschoolers who meet Fridays in Camas, WA ​for friendship and fun. Join us at the Scout Building in Crown Park ​from 2-5pm.

Laws. . .

​Washington ​​Homeschool Organization (WHO)
Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN)
Homeschool Qualification in Washington. . .

To qualify to homeschool you must fulfill one of the following:

* Have earned 45 quarter units of college level credit.
* Attend a Parent Qualifying Course.
* Work with a certified teacher who meets with your student on the average of an hour a week.
* Be deemed sufficiently qualified to provide home-based instruction by the superintendent of your local school district.

Qualification Classes in South West, WA. . .​​

Home Schooling Seminar​​​ at the Salmon Creek Learning Center. . .

​The Homeschooling Seminar is a class for homeschooling parents, both those who are already homeschooling and those who want to get started, and has a child approaching age 8. The class sessions are held several times a year, but the reading and other activities are done at home. It meets the state requirements for a course in home-based instruction for parents to qualify to homeschool, as outlined in Washington state laws.

For additional information and to see when the next Homeschooling Seminar is click here.

Testing in Washington. . .

Your student(s) must participate in annual testing and this can be accomplished one of ​two ​ways:
* Non-test assessments - an assessment of the student's academic progress is written by a
​Washington State certified teacher who is currently working in the field of education.
* Standardized testing - a standardized achievement test approved by the State Board of Education is administered annually to the child by a qualified individual.
Test results are part of your private homeschool record, no one else should receive a copy.

Testing in South West, WA. . .

Salmon Creek Learning Center provides yearly testing for homeschoolers,
​using the California Achievement Test, 5th Edition and Non-Test Assessments.

Visit their website for more information.
Family Learning Organization offers standardized tests for homeschooling families.
​Through their Educational Assessment & Testing Service, tests may be obtained by parents to administer to their homeschooled children.

Their services include:​​
* California Achievement Test, 5th Edition – Complete Battery
* CAT/5 Survey
* Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI)
* Terra Nova Achievement Test (T)

Visit their website for more information.

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