Historic Belmont Firehouse
The Safety Learning Center & Fire Museum ​is not your traditional museum.
​Stories, images, and firefighting equipment are very
​approachable and in many cases, touchable.
​Whether it's an 1859 Jeffers Sidestroke Handpump Fire Engine,
​the 1879 Amoskeag Steam Pumper, ​or the 1860 Hose Cart,
​all are wonderfully restored and presented for
​close-up enjoyment by the public.

Located at 35th and Belmont in Portland

Tours are typically one hour
We need at least 10 people to request a tour
All ages
Free for School at Adventures members, $1.00 per person for non-members.
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2020 School at Home Adventures
As the contact person for this field trip...
* ​You will decide on a date that works for you.
* You can decide on a name for the group if you'd like.
​Sometimes kids like to make up their own.
​​* You will need to be the person to check in with Bonneville Dam once there and check in the families as they arrive.
* ​You will ​be the contact person for the families going​,
​giving them your cell phone number.

If you are interested, sign up and I will contact you.
​You are not obligated until you agree to do it.
This field trip needs a contact person. See below