How to sign up
​for Field Trips​
2019 School at Home Adventures
Although I'm slowing down on what I'm going to schedule myself,
my plan is to set up two field trips a month, with others thrown in here and there.​​

When you sign up you will not be officially signed up until I receive your payment.
​​The payment is due within one week,
​but I will work with you if you need a little more time to pay.

Each individual field trip listed will have a description of the field trip and a link for signing up.
​​I will contact you after you sign up to give you the information you'll need for paying.
Once you've paid I will send you a confirmation and give you the attendance information
​and anything else you will need.
​The weekend before attending you will receive a reminder.

Pretty simple, but don't hesitate to let me know if you do not understand anything!​

Click here to see what is scheduled.​
There are three different ways to go on a field trip through this group.
​The second way of signing up is going to be a work in progress!
I'm hoping it will work like I'm envisioning it!​
My fingers are crossed. Feedback is welcome!

I have information on about 125 different businesses to visit.
I wish I could schedule them all, but nope, I would be working around the clock if I even tried!

Each business you can visit will be listed,
​again with a description of the field trip and ​​a link for signing up.
You can either sign up as interested in attending or be the contact person.

By becoming the contact person, you will be the one to set the date,
pick a group name and contact (with permission) families about attending.
I will contact the company and collect the money to pay for it.

A lot of field trips have their own page now, but there are others I need to add still,
and the ones already on the website might need to be tweaked.
Please be patient with me if a link doesn't work, or if a field trip isn't listed.

If you decide to be the contact person and the field trip is confirmed,
it will be listed with the ones I set up.

Click here to see the list of field trips.

Click here to see what is scheduled now.

Again, payment for these would need to be made within a week​ before your spot is confirmed.


The third and final way isn't really a way to sign up,
but gives you the option of downloading my book
"A Guide to Field Trips​".

The book will contain information on how to set up field trips
and ​a list of all of the field trips I have information on.
​I will let you know when it is available.

You can either make a one time purchase of $25.00
​or pay a fee of $25.00 and and an additional $10.00 per year.

With the one time purchase you will be sent the book to download and no other information will be given.
If you opt for the fee with the yearly cost, I will send you any updates for businesses and
information on any other field trips I come across.

With this book you will be able to set up your own field trips with friends or your group.

Click here if you want to be contacted when the book is finished.​​