Approximately 90 minutes (depending on the amount of questions asked).
* ​A​​ minimum of 12 children are needed to tour. 
Ages 5 and older only, no siblings.

$6.00 per child for School at Home Adventure members​
$7.50 per child for non-members​​.
Go here to read about membership.

​Ages 18+ are free.

 2020 School at Home Adventures
Hoyt Arboretum is a living laboratory where the public,
​scientists and students can study trees and plants.

It is...
​​a unique collection of trees and plants from around the world,
a living laboratory for preservation and research,
a vital resource for conserving plant biodiversity,
a sanctuary for 63 vulnerable and endangered species,
a place to learn about trees and their relationship to the environment,
a peaceful urban oasis,
a 189-acre refuge with 12 miles of hiking trails and
a promise to future generations.

​At Hoyt Arboretum, every tree has a story to tell.
​​Tree collections are organized by taxonomy (plant families) and geography.

The Hoyt collection includes more than 2,000 true species with
specimens grown from seeds collected in the wild.
The provenance, or lineage, of each tree is known.
These plants produce seeds that can be used to
replant native ecosystems that have been destroyed or are at risk.
Archival vouchers (dried samples) for over 800 species can be researched in our herbarium.

Located in Portland, OR, close to the Oregon Zoo