​The ​cost of each workshop is $189.95, but they do have specials at $169.95 per month.
The cost​ is split among the children signed up.​
There is an additional $1.00 per child supply fee for each workshop ($3.00 for Rocket Science).​
The maximum of each workshop is 20 children, so if that many sign up, you will pay $10.50 per child.
Mad Science gave us a great deal, see below!!

Besides the cost of each workshop, non-members of my group add $2.50.
Click here to read about the membership.​

2020 School at Home Adventures
* One hour in length.
* For ages 4ish to about 13ish.
​* The children always take something home from the workshops.
* ​Workshops are at the Mad Science of Portland & Vancouver place of business in North Portland.
* Due to Fire Safely Codes only one adult per family can attend.

Mad Science workships have animated & engaging Mad Scientists,
​who are highly trained professionals.
​Equipped with awe-inspiring gear they are ready to educate your children
​in an entertaining and interactive way that your kids will love.
Workshops Scheduled! See below!
These workshops will need a contact person. As the contact person...
*​ You will decide on a date that works for you.
You can decide on a name for the group if you'd like. ​Sometimes kids like to make up their own.
​*​ You will ​be the contact person for the families going​, ​giving them your cell phone number.

If you are interested, when signing up for a workshop, add your name to the line for this
​You are not obligated until you agree to do it.
Scheduled Workshops
All workshops are from 11:00am to noon.
​Price lowered to only $165.00 split between the kids who attend!
Space Technology
"Find out what happens when the latest in technological advances take to the skies. Space Technology
​will transform your classroom into a futuristic, space-bound laboratory using fiber optics and laser emitters."
​Wednesday, June 3rd and Friday, June 5th 
Click here to sign up.
Remember only one adult per family.

Check below to sign up for other workshops you would like to see scheduled.​