2020 School at Home Adventures
* One hour in length per week.
* For ages 4ish to about 13ish, with the Mad Scientist gearing the talk midway.
(​I've been setting these up for 14 years now and we've always set it up this way. Kids as young as 3 and as old as 13 have participated and really enjoyed the workshops. If you prefer a separation of the grades more, like an older workshop or younger, I and Mad Science, will make that happen.)
​* ​If you have multiple kids, you are welcome to sign up for both days, or the same day on different screens or all on the same screen.
* Ages 3 and younger are free, but only the kids paying for the class will receive the curriculum.

Mad Science workships have animated & engaging Mad Scientists,
​who are highly trained professionals.
​Equipped with awe-inspiring gear they are ready to educate your children
​in an entertaining and interactive way that your kids will love.
2-6 week Zoom Workshop Scheduled!
Every Tuesday from October 6th​​ through November 10th from 10:00am to 11:00am
every Friday from October 9th through November 13th from 2:00pm to 3:00pm​​

Both workshops have the same theme
​​​Planes, Cranes & Awesome Mobiles!

Week 1 ~ Fantastic Flyers
Be an Aeronautical Engineer! Adjust your flying craft for maximum lift
​and make sure your seats and tray tables are in the upright position!
​No engines? 
No problem!
​Learn about and build a variety of gliders that can perform daring maneuvers and run solely on kid power!
Week 2 ~ Science of Toys
Why does a ball bounce? How does a slinky walk? How does a yo-yo…well…yo-yo?
​Students will experiment with toys from yesterday, today and tomorrow and will learn they all depend on science!
Week 3 ~ Super Structures
Above us, around us and even under us, man-made structures can keep us safe from the wilderness,
​protect us from cold and rain and can help us cross rivers and canyons!
​Find out how they stay strong and combine shapes to build your own super-structure!
Week 4 ~ Fun-Damental Forces
An object in motion tends to remain in motion and objects in flight can defy gravity!
​The Earth is governed by the forces around us: gravity and inertia to name just a few.
​Explore how these amazing forces can make ordinary objects do extraordinary things!
Week 5 ~ Under Pressure
Visions of the future always includes transportation that floats on air.
​Transform your classroom into a testing lab as you investigate the powerful properties of air molecules
​​and the effects of heat and pressure on the air we breathe.
​Learn how you can levitate objects the scientific way.
Week 6 ~ Scientific Method
OHEC...Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, & Observation.
Science is everywhere and Mad Science is using rubber band wooden cars to prove it!
​This high-energy class to excite kids about the whole process of scientific discovery.

There is curriculum that I will be picking up and getting to you for these workshops.​​
$66.00 per child for the 6 weeks.
If you are a member of my group, I will contact you.​

Click here to sign up.​​