Oregon Children's Theatre
$8.75 per seat for members of School at Home Adventure and
$9.75 for non-members.​
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All plays are at ​9:45am or 11:45am,
lasting approximately ​90 minutes.​​
Remember, ages 4 and older only and
​we need a minimum of 15 seats per individual show.

2019 School at Home Adventures
The Legend of
Rock Paper Scissors!​
They were the strongest warriors in all the land.
​Though they searched for worthy opponents, no one could beat them…
​until they met each other and a dance battle royale began!

Friday, March 8th at 11:45am, Thursday, March 14th at 11:45am,
Thursday, April 4th at 9:45am or Friday, April 12th at 9:45am​

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Jason and the
Jason’s uncle isn’t exactly lovable…
​he’s murdered his brother (the king) and stolen the crown.
​Jason and the Argonauts set out to reclaim the throne in this quirky take on the classic tale!

​Thursday, April 25th at 11:45am,
​Friday, April 26th at 9:45am or Thursday, May 2nd at 9:45am

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Diary of a Worm,
a Spider and a Fly
Is Spider getting too big for his own skin?
​Will Fly find her superhero powers?
​Will Worm learn to stand on his own two...feet?

Thursday, May 9th at 11:45am, Friday, May 10th at 9:45am,
​Tuesday, May 14th at 9:45am, Friday, May 17th at 11:45am,
​Tuesday, May 21st at 11:45am or Thursday, May 23rd at 11:45am

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