The Great Outdoors
2019 School at Home Adventures
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Alpacas of Lavender Lane

Visit an Alpaca farm in Battle Ground
and learn all about this wonderful animals!

* All ages welcome, but must hold hands with children
who will not understand and obey the rules and keep a sharp eye on the other kids.
* Maximum amount of people allowed is 10.
* 45 minutes to one hour.

Free for School at Home Adventures members and $1.00 for non-members.
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Audubon Society of Portland

​The Audubon Society of Portland has a lot to offer school groups and families.

For their School Programs they offer Sanctuary Tours,
Traveling Programs, Overnight Programs and Full Day Field Trips.

Click here to read more about each.

They also have Marmot Cabin Outdoor School, click here to read more about it.

Each program has a minimum age and group size...
* Sanctuary Tours And Traveling Programs ~ Children must be at least age 5 to participate and
there is a minimum of 10 children to set this up. Adults are free.
* Full Day Field Trips ~ Children must be at least age 7 to participate.
The cost of $250.00 people is split up to 30 people. 31 or more people pay $6.00 each. Both children and adults pay.
* Overnight Programs and the Marmot Cabin Outdoor School ~ Children must be at least age 8 to participate. Minimum is 12 children. This is a program for kids, so they only allow one chaperon per 10 kids.

For each program, you will need to pay $1.00 per person or child if you are a member of School at Home Adventures and $2.50 per person or child if you are a non-member.​​​​
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Click on the name of each business to visit their website.
​If there is no link, there is no website.
BiZi Farms Pumpkin Patch

Visiting the pumpkin patch starts with ​going through the hay maze (not corn maze),
​seeing and feeding the farm animals, then climbing on the haystack pyramid.​
You will then climb in a hay wagon and go find your pumpkins.​​

* Admission ​​​includes a pumpkin that the children, who can walk, ​need to be able to carry themselves.
* ​A​​ minimum of 15 children are needed for the group discount.
* ​​​BiZi Farms is located in Brush Prairie, WA.​​

​​Ages 7 months - 18 pay $6.00 per person for School at Home Adventures members, $7.50 per person for non-members​​.
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​Adults and children ages 6 months and younger are free.
Adults may get one pumpkin for $5.00.​

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Bull Run Watershed Tour

​​The Portland Water Bureau, in cooperation with the Forest Service,
​offers a limited number of tours in the Bull Run Watershed.
​All tours are planned and guided by a ​professional Water Resources Educator.
​Tour participants will learn about ​Portland's primary drinking water supply.​

​* Ages 8 and older only
* Minimum of 15 people, maximum 26
* Everyone must sign a Liability Waiver before touring
* ​​​​Tour lasts up to 5 hours
* May, June, September or October tours only​
* Located in Sandy, OR​

​The tour itself is free for members of School at Home Adventures and $1.00 per person for non-members.
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​For security reasons, ​they do not let us come in with individual vehicles.​ ​We will need to meet at a ​​designated place and take their bus to the site. ​
​The cost for this is $260.00 split among the people who attend.

​​Here’s a typical field trip leaving from a central Vancouver or Portland location...
* Meet at Fred Meyer in Sandy to board the bus.
* While on the bus learn about Portland's drinking water system.
* ​Arrive at Bull Run.
There will be three activity rotations once there...
* Test the turbidity (a water quality measurement) of reservoir water.
* Walk in the forest and learn about how it helps protect water quality.
* Tour the city's 1929 concrete dam.
Then you will board the bus to drive back to your vehicles.

During the time there, you will have a break for lunch.​​

Here are some essentials to be aware of...
The tour area is remote. Water Bureau staff carry emergency radios and are trained in first aid; however, cell phones do not work and emergency care can be more than an hour away. Restrooms can be up to 2 hours apart. Smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes are not allowed. Everyone must travel together on one bus.

Click here if you are interested in attending.​

Civil War Living History School Day

Over 200 Civil War Re-enactors, military and civilian.

This event shows students the life and times of the 1860s.
​Everyone is invited to roam around the meadow,
​​ask questions of the various civilians and military folks,
​watch how they do things as they did in the 1860s
​and in some cases get “hands on" trial.

Things to see:
* Blacksmith
*​ Medical Treatments
*​ Cooking
*​ Engineering (pontoon bridge)
* War Correspondent
*​ Sutlers (store)

​This is scheduled on Friday, May 17th,

Click here to sign up or to be contacted for next year!
*​ Bayonets
*​ Infantry Drill
* Artillery (cannons)
*​ Cavalry (horses)
*​ Camp Tents
*​ Dentist
*​ Music
For School at Home Adventures members $3.00 per person, ages 5-18.
For non-members $4.50 per person, ages 5-18.
​​Adults and children ages 0-4 free.
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Columbia Springs Environmental Education

Columbia Springs offers hands-on, experiential field trips designed
​to teach Kindergarten through 6th grade
​students about forest and stream ecosystems.
​During each field experience, students embark on an outdoor
​adventure that promotes critical thinking and problem-solving.​​

* Located in Vancouver
* 20 children minimum, 30 maximum
* Geared towards grades K-6
* Ages 4 plus ~ You may bring younger children, ​but if he, she or they interrupt, you will need to step away from the class. The grounds are beautiful and there is plenty of room to roam.​

​Most programs are $150.00, which is split among the children ​attending.
​Occasionally there are classes that are $210.00, but are 4 hours long versus 2.​​

Click here to take a look at their programs.

Besides the cost of each program, ​​members add $1.00 per child, non-members add $2.50 per child.
Click here to find out about a membership.

Click here if you are interested in any classes or the guided hike.
End of the Oregon Trail Museum

The End of the Oregon Trail Museum offers many different programs
that will give an in-depth educational introduction to the Oregon Trail experience.

* Located in Oregon City, OR
* Ages 4 and older, but younger siblings may come
* Programs vary in length and price
* Minimum needed is 20 people, maximum 40​ for each program
* Some of the activities are outside​​

Click here to see what programs they offer.

Besides the cost of each program, ​​members add $1.00 per child, non-members add $2.50 per child.
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Click here if you are interested in any of the programs.
Fort Vancouver Historic Site

Students will learn about the lives of people who were instrumental in the fur trade and westward expansion.

​​Tour stops include the Chief Factor’s House, ​Indian Trade shop, and Fur Warehouse.
​​* The Chief Factor's house will cover the life of the gentlemen, ​Dr. John McLoughlin,
​and the aid he provided American settlers of Pacific Northwest.
* The Fur Warehouse will provide insight into the lives of the
​French Canadian, Iroquois, Metis, and Hawaiian brigade men.
​*​In the Indian Trade Shop, students will see the items that help tell the story of the lives
​of the local villagers who came ​to the shop to trade furs and homemade goods and supplies.

* Geared towards Kindergarten through 8th grade.
You can bring younger children, but you will need to step out if he/she or they interrupt the program.
​​​​* Tours are 1 hour

Free to members of School at Home Adventures,
$1.00 per child for non-members.
Go here to read about membership.​​

A field trip is scheduled on Tuesday, May 7th at 11:30am

Click here to sign up or to be contacted next time.
Hoyt Arboretum

Hoyt Arboretum is a living laboratory where the public, ​scientists and students can study trees and plants.

The Hoyt collection includes more than 2,000 true species with specimens grown from seeds collected in the wild.
The provenance, or lineage, of each tree is known. These plants produce seeds that can be used to
replant native ecosystems that have been destroyed or are at risk. Archival vouchers (dried samples) for over 800 species can be researched in our herbarium.

* Approximately 90 minutes (depending on the amount of questions asked).
* ​A​​ minimum of 12 children are needed to tour.
* Ages 5 and older only, no siblings.
* ​Located in Portland, OR, close to the Oregon Zoo

$4.00 per child for School at Home Adventure members​​
$5.50 per child for non-members​​.
​Go here to read about membership.

​Ages 18+ are free.

I have a field trip scheduled for Tuesday, April 30th from 9:30am to 11:00am​
I need to keep this trip smaller, with only 12 children total.

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John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center​

The John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center ​is a place where you can learn about the environment through hands-on, ​interactive activities that are both educational and fun!

Their recently restored wetland, ​fed by underground springs and storm water runoff from the Oregon City campus, ​provides critical habitat for wildlife and water quality improvement,
​making it the ideal location to study wetland habitat.

Field trips cover Ecosystems, Adaptation, Biodiversity and the Impact of Human Activity.
​Students will be provided opportunities to explore, interact with, ​measure and create within the lush outdoor surroundings of the Learning Center, ​which contains both forest and wetland habitat. ​The variety of habitat present allows them to teach about interdependent relationships in ecosystems.

* Ages 5 and older only, no younger siblings
* Approximately 2.5 hours long​ (depending on questions)
* Minimum 20 children, maximum 30
* Located at Clackamas Community College

​Cost is $9.00 per child for School at Home Adventures members, $10.50 per child for non-members.
Adults are free.​
Click here to read about membership.​

This is scheduled on Tuesday, May 14th at 10:00am

​​​Click here to sign up or to be contacted for the next trip.​​​​
NatureBridge at Olympic National Park

Family and Summer Programs

After years of trying to pull families together to go on
​NatureBridge's Environmental Science Program,
​and it not working for one reason or another,
​I found out they have a Family Program that is cheaper
​and you do basically the sames things as the Science Program.

They also have some great summer programs as well.

You can find more information and sign up as an
​individual family by clicking this sentence.

Hope you are able to go and have a great time!

Peter's Walking Tours

Peter offers a variety of hands-on tours that focus on learning more about the
​city's art, architecture, history, parks, fountains, transportation systems and ​

Here is what Peter offers...Click here to read about each one.
Central City Tour ~ 3-4 hours
Bridge Walking Tour ~ 3-4 hours
Combination Central City and Bridge Tour ~ 3-4 hours
Plant and Tree Tour ~ 3-4 hours
4T Adventure ~ 4 hours
Other customized tours can be arranged, including step on guide service for trips to the
​Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood.

The cost of the tours are split among those attending.
​$180.00 for up to 30 people, adults and children. Ages 3 and younger are free.
You will also need to pay $1.00 per person for members of my group
and $2.50 per person for non-members.

Click here to read about membership.

Click here to sign up for one of Peter's tours.
Philip Foster Farm

Pioneer Life Tour

​​The PLT tour begins with an introduction to the history of the farm
​and the safety rules for students.
​After that, groups of about ten are sent to
​their stations to rotate around the farm.

* Geared towards grade 4, but good for ages 5 - 13ish
* ​A​​ minimum of 10 children are needed for the group discount.
* Tour is approximately 2 hours​
​* ​​​Philip Foster Farm is located in Eagle Creek, OR

Children are $8.00 for members of School at Home Adventures
​and $9.50 for non-members.
Adults are $6.00 for members and $7.50 for non-members.​
Go here to read about membership.

Click here to sign up or to be contacted next time this is scheduled.​​​​
Plumper Pumpkin Patch & Tree Farm

You begin the tour by gathering in the main barn for a discussion about the different types
​of pumpkins and produce grown on the farm as well as what it is like to be a farmer and the responsibility that come along with the job such as taking care of
animals and ​working the fields.

Next your guide takes you to visit the animals,
tour the farm, ​and play on their mazes and slides.
​They have 5 tube slides, 2 hay slides, and 3 different mazes ​all
suitable for children and adults to enjoy!

Then you go on a hayride though their ​Christmas trees
and up into their upper field on a scenic ride.

After the hayride you are off to pick your very own ​sugar pie pumpkin to take home.

For members of my group ~ $8.00 for each person, for non-members $9.50 each person.
​​Adults need to pay also and get a pumpkin.
Children under 12 months old are free​​​​.
Click here to learn about the membership.​

16 people are needed for the tour.

You can have a snack or lunch before you head home ​and let the children play for awhile.

Click here if you would like to see this scheduled.
Portland Timbers 2 ​Health & Fitness Day

​​​Join the Portland Timbers 2 ​for their ​Providence Health & Fitness Days.

Their goal is to provide fun, educational activities ​in an engaging atmosphere which will motivate
​children in learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

First Providence Sports Care Center ​will host an assembly ​and fill the concourse with ​​interactive tables to explore.

You​ will then get the chance ​to cheer on the ​Portland Timbers U-23’s ​in a regular season game.

All ages are welcome!​​
You can arrive as early as 9:00am.
​The pre-assembly will be at 10:15am
​The Soccer game begins at 11:00am​​​​​​.

$6.00 per person for members of School at Home Adventures,
$7.50 for non-members.
Click here to read about membership.

This will not be scheduled for 2019 because of some remodeling.
Instead they offered to let our group go to a regular season game for the same price you would have paid to go to the Fitness Day.
Click here if you would like to be contacted when a date is chosen.​
Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1965 ​to provide wintering habitat for the dusky subspecies of the Canada goose. ​Today, the Refuge preserves both habitat for wildlife, and evidence of the people who once lived here.

Cathlapotle Plankhouse Tour ~
The Plankhouse is a replica of a traditional Chinookan style dwelling modeled after a village that stood along the Columbia River on the refuge and was detailed in Lewis and Clark journals. Children participate in 45 minute presentation and/or activity to illustrate the way of life of the people of the Cathlapotle Village. This includes replicas of tools and handicrafts made by volunteers and local Chinookan Artists.

Oaks to Wetlands Trail/Guided Nature Walk ~
To continue the theme of cultural and natural resources learned in the Plankhouse, students get a 45 minute sample of this trail while identifying plants that were important to the Native Americans as well as being relied on heavily by native animals for food and shelter. Depending on the learning objectives of the group this trail can focus on birds and other animals (adaptations, habitat variation, migration, feeding, etc), habitats or invasive vs. native plants.

Ages 5 and older only

Free for members of School at Home Adventures members
​$1.00 per person for non-members
Click here to read about membership.​​​​

At this time, they are not offering field trips to their site. 
You can however visit on your own by going on a self-led tour.
Click here and scroll down to find out more.