Payment Information
Do not pay for the event(s) you signed up for
if you haven't received a confirmation.

There are two ways to pay for events...
Mailing a check, made out to me.
Kim Railey
14622 NE 50th Street
Vancouver, WA 98682​

Or pay using PayPal.
PayPal is an option, and a small fee may apply.

​​Go to the PayPal website.
​After signing in, 
click on the "Send" link at the top of the screen.
Use this email address to send me a payment -
You can click that you are "Sending to a friend" so there are no fees,
​or click "Paying for an item or service".
​If you click the latter one,
​please add 2.9% to your amount before sending it.
In the comment area, please say what you are sending the $ for,
​and include your name if it isn't the one you use for your account.
2021 School at Home Adventures