Pearson Field Education
​At the Pearson Field Education Center,
​they are passionate educating people about the Golden Age of Aviation.
​They build on 110 years of rich aviation and cultural history at
​Pearson Field and the surrounding Historic Reserve.
​Pearson Field is the oldest continuously operating airfield in the
​Pacific NW and one of the two oldest
​continuously operating airfields in the United States.

2019 School at Home Adventures
These are some of the activities we can request. 
​* Flight sim lab
* Glider building station
* Vertical wind table and construction of whirly gigs
* Brief Aviation 101 talk from our director ~ 4 forces of flight or the 3 axes of flight
* Outdoor foam rocket launching station – weather permitting

Free for members of School at Home Adventures, $1.00 per child for non-members.
Click here to read about the membership.​​​