At the Oregon National Primate Research Center,
​they seek to accelerate scientific discovery, ​foster ​innovative research, ​and develop biomedical
​technologies that help understand, ​promote and improve ​human health and well being worldwide.

They recognize the ethical concerns raised by animal research,
​and that is why they provide humane and compassionate animal care while
​conserving their resources for only the most essential research endeavors.

The twelve veterinarians and more than 100 full-time support staff of the
​Division of Animal Resources are committed to ​preserving ​
​the ​health and welfare of their 4,200 nonhuman primates.

2019 School at Home Adventures
​A visit to the Primate Center generally consists of an interactive presentation during which the history, mission, and current research focus areas of scientists at the Center are reviewed. This presentation can incorporate a variety of topics.

Following the presentation, visitors view the outdoor breeding colonies of rhesus and Japanese macaques. You will walk approximately .5 miles; the snow monkey overlook is accessed by walking up a set of 20 stairs.

* The visit is approximately 2 hours.
10 people minimum needed to request a tour. Maximum 40 people.
Age​s 10 and older only ~ strict about this.

Free to School at Home Adventures members, $1.00 per person for non-members​​
Click here for information on membership.​

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