Located in Hillsboro, OR,
​the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals
​houses a world-class collection recognized as the finest in the
​Pacific Northwest and one of the best in the nation.

​​The Museum showcases not only fine rocks and minerals,
​but also fossils, meteorites, lapidary art, and gemstones from both the
​Pacific Northwest and all around the world.

2020 School at Home Adventures
​For groups of 15 people or less...

You will learn about...
​​* The rock cycle
* How minerals form
* Volcanoes
* The scientific beginning of the universe
* Fossils and ancient life

​For this tour you can sign up online through the Rice Museum and go directly through them.
​Individual families are welcome.
The cost is ​$5.00 for children ages 5-17, $8.00 for ages 18+ and children ages 4 and younger are free.
For groups of 15 people or more...

You will learn about...​
* Fossils
* Meteorites
* Fluorescing minerals
* The rock cycle
* Minerals and mineral properties

Groups sizes 16-35 will be charged a flat rate of $150.00, which is split among those attending, both adults and children. 
Groups of 36 and more will pay $4.00 for children ages 5-17, ages 18+ will pay $5.00 each and ages 4 and younger are free.

​For non-members of my group, add an additional $2.50 per person ages 5+, 4 and younger are free.
This field trip will need a contact person. As the contact person...
* ​You will decide on a date that works for you.
* You can decide on a name for the group if you'd like. ​Sometimes kids like to make up their own.
​* ​You will ​be the contact person for the families going​, ​giving them your cell phone number.

If you are interested, sign up below and I will contact you.
​You are not obligated until you agree to do it.
There are different topics and prices for groups of 15 people or less and
​groups of 16 people and more.
Both tours are geared towards grades 1-6, but all ages are welcome

​All tours start at 10:00am.
A tour is approximately 2 hours long.