Rules and Guidelines

​​​​Besides the cost 
of each event a fee will be attached. Each individual web page for events will give you this information.

​Members of School at Home Adventures will always pay a lower fee.

Membership to School at Home Adventures is $25.00 for one year​. The year will start the day of the first event you attend after paying the $25.00 and end one year later. 
When signing up for events, the activity must be within that time frame to get membership prices.​

​​With a membership you will receive. . .

* A lower fee price than non-members for activities.
* Be able to sign up for activities before non-members.
* Free activities (business doesn't charge) will actually be free. You will not pay any extra fee.

A membership is for your immediate family only​​. Grandparents and aunts or uncles with no kids, will be accepted as part of your immediate family.

You do not need to be a member to attend the events.​​

​In most cases, all payments for events are due within one week from the date of your confirmation. If you cannot pay by that date, you must contact me and I will do my best to work with you. 

​​For events where the cost is split among the families, payments will have individual due dates, which will be included in your confirmation. ​​

​​If you have not paid by the due date and have not worked out a payment arrangement with me, I will notify you by email and after 48 hours from the date of the email, in most cases, you will be canceled from that event. ​​
Cancellation Policy...

Most companies have their own cancellation deadlines. As you sign up for the individual events, you will be sent this information.

If the event has a shared cost that families split, in most cases, you will have two weeks from the date of your confirmation to cancel. There are a few events that you are obligated to immediately upon signing up. The event page will clearly say so if this is the case.

If you sign up two weeks prior of an event, you will have 48 hours to cancel from the date of your confirmation.

If you cancel after any deadlines, another family will need to take your place before you will be refunded for the event.

My fee in un-refundable 24 to two weeks after the date of your confirmation. As you sign up for the individual events, you will be sent this information.

​I, nor the person representing me, am not liable for any lost or stolen items at any events.

​​I, nor the person representing me, am not liable for any damage to vehicles or bodily injuries at these events.​

Other Information...​

​Most of the group discounts we receive are for "school" groups. Unless otherwise stated, there must be at least one child attending.

Only sign up your own individual family. If you have other family or friends that would like to attend, they will need to sign up themselves.
If you would like to attend an event follow the link given on each individual web page. This link will take you to the Sign Up Genius. Follow the instructions given to sign up.
At least one parent (or another arranged adult) will need to attend each event with their children. There are no drop-offs unless stated.

2019 School at Home Adventures

Rules and Regulations Agreement

You must send this in before attending your next event.