The Sauvie Island Center offers children the opportunity ​to journey into the fields
​and learn about ​growing food, farming and the relationship ​both activities have to the land.


2020 School at Home Adventures
The hands-on curriculum is organized to make use of small groups, allowing each child to get their hands dirty during each activity...​​
* Compost/Soil Investigation and Seed Planting
* Plant Parts Investigation
* Food Web: The interconnectedness of forest and farm food chains
* Seed to Harvest: Students plant, tend and harvest vegetables from their own field, the Grow Lunch Garden
* Pollinator Investigation

Field trips are for children grades K - 8th, and the cost is $200.00, 
​​​​which is split among the children signed up.

​Besides the cost of the program, non-members of my group add $2.50 per child.
There​ is no extra cost for members.
Click here to read about the membership.

On Sauvie Island in Portland
If you would like to be a contact person for a future field trip...
* you will​ get to pick the date to attend,
* ​pick a name for the group attending (if you want to, some kids like to do this).
You would ​also need to give your cell phone number to the families attending.

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