Schools on Trains
2019 School at Home Adventures
Amtrak's Schools on Trains is one of the best programs ever. 
Ride the train and spend almost six hours in Seattle doing whatever you would like to do!

​​The Schools on Trains program is ​for families with children between the ages of 5 and 18.
​If you have any child(ren) age 4 or ​younger ​and want to bring ​​him/her/them,
​you will need to ​purchase a regular priced ticket ​from ​Amtrak ​for ​him/her/them and ​one adult.
​Also, the child(ren) ​​and the adult ​would not be ​able to sit with this group.
​Sorry! Amtrak rules, not mine!

​​We can travel Monday - Thursday,
​with the train leaving ​Vancouver, WA at 8:35am and
​returning to Vancouver at ​approximately 9:00pm.

Seats on the train are assigned to avoid families and friends being separated.​​

​​Round trip for members of School at Home Adventures is $17.00 each,
non-members pay $​​​19.50 each.
Click here to read about the membership.

~ Scheduled! ~
Wednesday, July 24th​

Click here to sign up or to be contacted for a future trip.

Also follow the link if you are interested in becoming the contact person for a trip.
The contact person can pick their own date to go, pick their own name for the group,
and ask their friends to join them.
(Friends going must have a membership to my group or pay a fee of $2.50 each.)

If you do not have enough people for 36 seats,
I will contact families on the list to go.

The contact person would also...
* check families in before boarding in the morning and again before heading home.
​* have the one ticket for Amtrak
* supply your cell phone number to the families going
* send reminders out for the trip
I will collect the money and pay for the ticket.​

Let me know if you have questions about becoming a contact person!​