Ten Grands for Kids
2020 School at Home Adventures
Ten Grands for Kids is a 75 minute matinee show created especially for kids, ​
​featuring ten pianists on ten grand pianos,
​with a mix of professional musicians
​and gifted kids playing together on one stage.

Located at the ​​Arlene ​Schnitzer ​Concert Hall, downtown ​Portland​
* ​All ages are welcome, ​but please do not sign up younger ​children ​​if they are ​unable to sit without a major disruption for 75 minutes.
* ​Only sign up your individual family.

​$1.00 per person,
​which is not due until a month prior in
​case of cancellation, theirs or yours.​​
Friday, April 2nd, 2021 at 9:45am or 11:45am
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