2019 School at Home Adventures
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Alpacas of Lavender Lane

Visit an Alpaca farm in Battle Ground
and learn all about this wonderful animals!

* All ages welcome, but must hold hands with children
who will not understand and obey the rules and keep a sharp eye on the other kids.
* Maximum amount of people allowed is 10.
* 45 minutes to one hour.

Free for School at Home Adventures members and $1.00 for non-members.
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Audubon Society of Portland

​The Audubon Society of Portland has a lot to offer school groups and families.

For their School Programs they offer Sanctuary Tours,
Traveling Programs, Overnight Programs and Full Day Field Trips.
Click here to read more about each.

They also have Marmot Cabin Outdoor School, click here to read more about it.

Each program has a minimum age and group size...
* Sanctuary Tours And Traveling Programs ~ Children must be at least age 5 to participate and
there is a minimum of 10 children to set this up. Adults are free.
* Full Day Field Trips ~ Children must be at least age 7 to participate.
The cost of $250.00 people is split up to 30 people. 31 or more people pay $6.00 each. Both children and adults pay.
* Overnight Programs and the Marmot Cabin Outdoor School ~ Children must be at least age 8 to participate. Minimum is 12 children. This is a program for kids, so they only allow one chaperon per 10 kids.

Besides the cost of the program, each person or child will pay an additional $1.00 for members of School at Home Adventures and $2.50 per person or child for non-members.​​​
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Bob's Red Mill Tour

Come and learn about the wonderful world of
​stone grinding whole grains on a free guided tour
​of the Bob's Red Mill manufacturing facility.

You will start with a brief history of how Bob and Charlee Moore ​championed the goodness of simple,
​natural whole grains and created a company ​now respected around the world.

​​You will then watch the action of a working mill ​as seen through their viewing windows. ​​
​(Window's are 40" off the floor, so you'll be picking up your little ones to see.)

* Tours generally last about 1 1/2 hours.
* 10 people minimum, 20 people maximum
* All ages
* Located in Milwaukie, OR​

​​​Following the tour, visitors are invited to travel one mile to their Whole Grain Store and Cafe for ​lunch and shopping.

​​Free for those with a School at Home Adventures membership, $1.00 per person for those without.​
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Bonneville Dam

Located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
​40 miles east of Portland and Vancouver,
Bonneville Lock and Dam forms a connecting link
between the two states.

​Built and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
​it was the first federal lock and dam on the Columbia River.
​Construction began in 1933 and the lock and dam was
dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on September 28, 1937.

Come tour the dam and find out how it runs.​​

* Touring takes about 1-1.5 hours, depending on questions.
* Minimum 10 people, maximum 40
* All ages welcome

​​Free to members of School at Home Adventures, $1.00 per person for non-members.
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Click here if you are interested in touring in the Spring.​​​
Bonneville Power ~ Electricity 101

A visit to Bonneville Power ​Administration's ​Laboratory​​​ In Vancouver​.

Enjoy an up-close look at how electricity works in the Northwest.

​Visit three stations; the High Voltage Labs, ​the Mechanical Testing labs, ​
and a visit with "Dr. Science", ​​who shares little-known facts about electricity.

* The tour takes approximately 2 hours
* Minimum 15 people needed to request a date​
​* ​Ages 8 and older only
* Tours are offered for one week in the fall ​and one week in the spring, and ​are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. I do not know the dates that will be offered.​

Free for members of School at Home Adventures and $1.00 per person for non-members.
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A date has been scheduled, Monday, April 22nd from 12:30pm to 2:30pm
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Bull Run Watershed Tour

​​The Portland Water Bureau, in cooperation with the Forest Service,
​offers a limited number of tours in the Bull Run Watershed.
​All tours are planned and guided by a ​professional Water Resources Educator.
​Tour participants will learn about ​Portland's primary drinking water supply.​

​* Ages 8 and older only
* Minimum of 15 people, maximum 26
* Everyone must sign a Liability Waiver before touring
* ​​​​Tour lasts up to 5 hours
* May, June, September or October tours only​
* Located in Sandy, OR​

​The tour itself is free for members of School at Home Adventures and $1.00 per person for non-members.
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​For security reasons, ​they do not let us come in with individual vehicles.​ ​We will need to meet at a ​​designated place and take their bus to the site. ​
​The cost for this is $260.00 split among the people who attend.

​​Here’s a typical field trip leaving from a central Vancouver or Portland location...
* Meet at Fred Meyer in Sandy to board the bus.
* While on the bus learn about Portland's drinking water system.
* ​Arrive at Bull Run.
There will be three activity rotations once there...
* Test the turbidity (a water quality measurement) of reservoir water.
* Walk in the forest and learn about how it helps protect water quality.
* Tour the city's 1929 concrete dam.
Then you will board the bus to drive back to your vehicles.

During the time there, you will have a break for lunch.​​

Here are some essentials to be aware of...
The tour area is remote. Water Bureau staff carry emergency radios and are trained in first aid; however, cell phones do not work and emergency care can be more than an hour away. Restrooms can be up to 2 hours apart. Smoking/vaping/e-cigarettes are not allowed. Everyone must travel together on one bus.

Click here if you are interested in attending.​